Weekly WBC Rides

Lots of rides for all levels. Whether it’s a casual ride, a social ride to meet friends, or a training ride, you’ll find the option and location to suit your mood. Our ride leaders are knowledgeable, personable, and care about helping you achieve your riding goals.

Riders should arrive ahead of ride start time to socialize and be prepared to roll. Helmets are required for all WBC rides, and headphones/ear-buds are not allowed. Your bike should be in good working order and you should carry a spare tube along with the tools to change a flat. Don’t forget water and nutrition, especially as the days start getting warmer.

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Ride Definitions

Drop ride – You will be left to navigate on your own if you can not keep up with the pace of the group.

Regroup ride – Ride leaders will stop at certain intervals to ensure that the riders are able to regroup and no one is left behind. This ride involves a sweep to ensure that all riders make it safely to the interval points.

No Drop ride – Riders ride at pace of slowest rider and riders stay together as a group.

Road Rides

Guidelines for Road Rides – Safety is Important

Knowing and following these Do’s and Don’ts will keep everyone safer.

  • Don’t cross the centerline.
  • Don’t overlap wheels.
  • Don’t wear ear buds.
  • Don’t ride in aero bars.
  • Don’t suddenly brake unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do choose the right group for your skill & fitness level.
  • Do ride steady and predictable.
  • Do hold your line in the corner. When cornering, take it wide when turning left, and take it as far inside when turning right on blind corners. You never know what’s around the corner.
  • Do gentle braking or use hand signals when beginning to brake.
  • Do use hand signals when making turns.
  • Do shout outs ( car up, car back, passing, walker up, dog, etc).
  • Do point out with hand gestures obstacles & hazards that can’t be seen by riders in the back.
  • Do ride two abreast when safe to do so.
  • Do stay alert and focus on the rider(s) ahead of you.
  • Do pull off or move to the back of the pack to drink or eat.
  • Do follow traffic rules and signs (stop at intersections).
  • Do call out “On Your Left” when passing slower riders (and give them plenty of room).
  • Do know your limitations.


Tuesday July 3 and July 10

Due to increased traffic and safety issues we are exploring other routes for Tuesday nights.
Level: All (A, B & C)
Terrain: Flat to moderately rolling hills with very low traffic
Start: Bosqueville ISD/High School (7636 Rock Creek Rd, Waco, TX 76708)
Wheels down Tuesday at 5:45 pm

There will be a 90 second interval between A, B, and C group roll-outs.

31 and 35 mile options – route is marked in red

31 mile route – Strava link

35 mile route – Strava link
“A” Level: Average speed is 19 mph plus, with max speeds in the mid-30’s. Group riding experience is required as revolving pace lines are used extensively. This is a drop ride.

“B” Level: Average speed is 15-18 mph, with max speeds in the mid/upper-20’s. Previous group riding experience is recommended. The B group may split into faster/slower groups (B1/B2). B1 will run at the upper end of the average speed range and re-group at least once between the split and end of the ride. B2 will stay in the lower/middle portion of the average speed range, and is a regroup group. It’s recommended that B riders are able to average at least 15 mph solo over a 20 mile distance.

“C” Level: Average speed is 13 – 15 mph. This is a no drop ride, and geared towards cyclists with some group riding experience and/or those building a fitness base or desiring a more sociable ride. C’s will go at the pace of the slowest rider and stay together for the entire ride. This is not a beginner ride. It is recommended that C riders are familiar with their equipment and are able to average 13 mph solo over a 20 mile distance.

Thursday Evening I-35 Smoothie Ride

Level: Depends on who shows up
Terrain: Flat to moderately rolling hills
Start: Road Ranger gas station – plenty of parking (6615 Interstate 35 N Lacy Lakeview TX 76705).
Wheels down: 5:45 pm

Ride from The new Road Ranger gas station to Hillsboro and back. It’s 46 miles of smooth frontage road (where the name smoothie comes from). It’s a really nice ride and I have set up segments in Strava for the ride start to finish. For those wanting a shorter distance you can turn around in West and make it approximately a 20 mile ride.

We will be riding this ride on Thursday nights going forward and all are welcome to join us. Main group will average around 18-20 MPH. Faster and slower groups will form depending on riders that start coming out to ride it.

Mountain Biking – Cameron Park

Weekly rides of various lengths leave from the Redwood Shelter and venture into Waco’s crown jewel of Cameron Park. The park has 20 miles of single track along the banks of the Brazos and Bosque Rivers. Many of the trails venture up and down the drainages leading to the rivers. The trails range from Beginner (green circle), Intermediate (blue Square), Advanced (black diamond) to Expert (double black diamond). Be prepared for technical routes, hard packed trails, roots, switch backs, rock gardens and crazy climbs and descents. ***Please let the ride leader know if you are new to Cameron Park and what your experience level is so the route can be tailored for maximum enjoyment and safety. Helmets and water are mandatory on all rides.

See our Local Waco Mountain Bike Routes page for maps and additional places to ride.


Level: All – No Drop
Time: 2:00 pm
Start: The Redwood Shelter, Cameron Park.
This ride is for all ability levels. The ride may be broken up into separate groups depending on numbers and riders ability. Ride length is usually 9 to 11 miles. Ride time 1.5 to 2 hours. Ride leaders: Scott Littrell (jscottlittrell@gmail.com) and Rusty Hansgen (rustyhans3@gmail.com).

Tuesday and Thursday

Level: Beginner to Intermediate – No Drop
Time: 1:15 pm
Start: The Redwood Shelter, Cameron Park.
The Tuesday and Thursday rides are geared for Beginner to Intermediate riders but all ability levels are welcome. We will select ride routes suitable for the riders ability. We typically ride beginner and intermediate trails. Technical routes can be included as skills merit which can include rooty hard packed trails, switch backs and rocky climbs. We usually ride 1-1/2 to 2 hours covering 8 to 11 miles but shorter rides can be made to accommodate the riders abilities and time constraints.
Ride leaders: Scott Littrell (jscottlittrell@gmail.com) and Rusty Hansgen (rustyhans3@gmail.com)

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