Annual Freedom Cycle Fest

Memorial Day Ride with Friends

Freedom Cycle Fest and Member Meeting

May 29, 2021
Redwood Shelter – Cameron Park

The Plan:

Official start at 8 am. But start whenever you want to to make sure you are back in time for food.

Ride leaders will guide each route for trails and road.

The Food (10 am to noon):

Some food will be provided. Everyone bring your own beverages and extra food.

The Recovery:

Not sure yet, maybe run in the sprinklers.


The WBC Board is actively watching the Texas guidelines to do what we can to make this event as safe for members as we can. We realize everyone may not feel comfortable in a public gathering and will need to consider your own personal risk and comfort level.


  • Drinks for the ride and for after at the picnic. This will help us by not having community coolers for ice and water.
  • Any other food for you and your family
  • Chairs or blankets to allow spacing

Registration will begin soon.

Gold Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for their ongoing support of cycling in Waco.

Slow Rise Slice House